S 22 | Paul Blenkiron

As a little spritely pup with a revhead upbringing Paul decided to take up racing. He does it all for the adrenaline & nothing else. His closest track which is also his favourite is Murray Bridge and his favourite driver of all time is Dale Earnhardt.  Although Paul has been racing for a few years he has achieved and has had some career highlights he still has several sending.  We wish him all the best in his racing career with the Super Sedans.                                                                                                                                                               Sponsors: - Sean & Liza Beck, Macdesign, Weber Produce, McArdle Transport

Sponsors: Penrite, Sprint Auto Parts, Rivercity Exhaust & Marine, Murray Bridge Funeral, Cobra Onsite Doors, Goreys, OZ Signs, Walkom Race Engines, Muarryland Trenching, Bruteforce Powdercoating, American Hoolagators, Blenks Automotive, Organo Coffee