J.D. COURIERS SUPER SERIES returned to Speedway City last night for round 14, with 9 cars enterd for the round, we welcomed back the pink 77 of Bill Miller driven last night by Trevor Ware. Not only was it the first time 77 was back on track, but allso the first time Trevor got behind the wheel after his big rollover in last years NSSS round at Speedway City.

So all was set for some top super sedan racing, with each driver contesting 2 x 8 lap heats and a 20 lap feature, 

Heat 1 Results. S 47 M Miller, S 36 R. Alexander. S 23 K. Perrett. S. 22 P. Blenkiron. S 87 R. Marchant. S 55 G. Stewart. S 77 T. Ware S 93 K. Dury with we S 2 D Obst pulling infield on lap 2

Heat 2 Results S. 36 R.Alexander. S 47 M. Miller. S 87 R. Marchant. S 23 K. Perrett, S 93 K Jury, S. 77 T. Ware. S 22 P. Blenkiron. S 55 G stewart. and once again S 2 D. Obst finashing on the infield.

All was set for a great feature with S 36 and S 47 to start 1 and 2. But all was the change when Ryan and Michael deciding to start R.O.F. so that put S. 23 and S 87 of 1 and 2. The green drops and Perrett takes the lead followd by 87, 77, 93, 55. 2 36 and 47, with 22 a none starter with no power steering, With 23 of K. Perrett looking good out front and S 77 of T. Ware a close second, it wasent long before the 2 back makers starting to make a move to the front, With around 6 laps to go the S 23 of K. Perrett drifts a little to high entering turn 3 and thats T. ware needs to pass on the inside and take the lead followed by a very fast S 47 of M Miller, the following lap Perret rides the wall entring turn 3 that brings on the yellow and ends Perretts night. With only 4 laps to go the S 77 driven by T. Ware spins in turn 4, taht put the S 77 on the infield with a broken diff. At the restart and this is how they will finish the feature, 1st 47 M. Miller 2nd 36/V1 R. Alexander, 3rd S 87 R. Marchant, S 93 K. Jury, S. 55 G. Stewart, With 23, 77, and 2 on the infield. 

Round 14 was brought to you by ACME Removals and Universal Metal Cleaners.

All is now set for next weekends S.A. State Title to be run at Murray Bridge Speedway 16th April. Can Dave Gartner keep that Number one on the side of his car, or will Ryan Alexander add the S.A. 1 to his Vic 1. Will one of the interstaters spoil the party and take the S.A. 1 Interstate, we will just have to wait and see. As the old saying goes, GET YOUR BACKSIDE TRACK SIDE.