Saturday 16th April 2016. We will see the running of the S.A. State Super Sedans Title at Murray Bridge Speedway.

With only 2 wweks to go, nominations are coming slowly, as of 2/04/2016 we have 3 nominations from Victoria and 9 from S.A. You still have plenty of time to nominate, just head to the Murray Bridge website, go the the nominations page and click on Super Sedans State Title.

Nominations to date.

Aust 1 C. Harper. Vic 0 L. Roberts. S 1 D. Gartner. Vic 2 P. Nicola, Vic 3 M. Nicola, Vic 5 M. Wicks. S 12 K. Hammerstien, Vic 17 B. Wicks. S 22 P. Blenkiron, S 23 K. Perrett, Vic 23 M. Nicola jnr, S 36/Vic 1 R. Alexander, Qld 44 T. Wilson. S 47 M. Miller, S 52 M. Brown. S 66 K. Hannam. S 77 T. Ware, S 87 R. Marchant. S 93 K. Jury.

Updated 4/04/2016