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SA State Series - Round 2 & 3

The super sedans headed to the county tracks over the March long weekend (8th & 9th) for 2 nights of racing. The SA State series Round 2 was held at Sunline speedway, Waikerie on the 8th March with 11 cars nominated, and then the following night was round 3 held at Riverland Speedway, Renmark with a total of 9 supers nominated but only 5 showed up.


3 of our local lads head to Hamilton for Round 5 of the VSSS

Kaleb Perrett S23, Dave Gartner S8 & Barry Perrett S32 head to Hamilton VIC


JD Series Round 2 - Speedway City

The Super Sedans returned to Speedway City last Saturday night for round 2 of the JD series with a total of 13 cars nominated. The supers had 3 x10 lap heats (2 each) and a 20 lap feature.


New driver to Super Sedans

Danny Prade has upgraded his driver’s license and will be driving the S17 Super Sedan owned by Anthony East this Saturday night at Speedway City.


NSSS Grand Final

Matt Pascoe A1, Darren Kane Q36, Mick Nicola V3 continued to battle it out for the top 3 positions on the National Super Sedan Series leader board.


NSSS - Round 6 Mildura

Round 6 of the NSSS was held at Timmis Speedway, Mildura over the weekend on Friday 31st Jan, 2014. It was a very hot day in Mildura with drivers suiting up and driving in over 40 degree heat with no cool change in site.


NSSS rolls into Mildura Speedway

Tomorrow night Friday 31st Jan, 2014, we see the NSSS contracted drivers roll into Timmis Speedway, Mildura for round 6 of the NSSS.


NSSS in Tassie & Sunline this weekend

This weekend we see Dave G S8 and Bill Miller S77 complete in round 5 of the NSSS over at the Mountain Dew Ice Raceway, Tasmania. Dave G S8 is currently sitting in 6th and Bill Miller S77 is currently sitting in 12th on the points. For the local drivers 8 of them will head to Sunline Speedway.


Dave Gartner Takes the Win in Round 4 of the NSSS

The NSSS hit Borderline Speedway, Mount Gambier on Saturday night. Kaleb Perrett S23, Barry Perrett S32 and Luke Dodding S89 all made the trip down to run with The NSSS contacted drivers including our local SA lads Bill Miller S77 and Dave Gartner S8.


Twin feature Night at Speedway City

Twin feature night - 2x 12 lap features with 9 car nominated


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This Saturday night sees are 213 2014 Presntation night, to be held at The Royal Coach moter in at Kent Town. With all Trophies now ready to go, all we need now is a good turn up of Drivers and crews, Fullresults of awards will be uploaded on Sunday ( i hope )