Event Results

Local Meet - SC - Double feature nite - NON JD Series

Speedway City, Jan 11, 2014

2x 12 lap features - NON JD Series 

Feature 1
1st – Wayne Vickers S46
2nd – Steve Stewart S47
3rd – Micahel Brown S52.
Micahel Miller S36, Tim McAvaney S75, Cindy McCarthy S48, Paul Blenkiron S22.
D.N.F. Anthony East S17 

Feature 2
1st – Steve Stewart S47
2nd – Tim McAvaney S75
3rd – Paul Blenkiron S22
Anthony East S17
Wayne Vickers S46 pulls infield with 7 laps to go
D.N.S Michael Miller S36, Cindy McCarthy S48 and Michael Brown S52

Russell Worthley S9
Anthony East S17
Paul Blenkiron S22
Michael Miller S36
Wayne Vickers S46
Cindy McCarthy S48
Steve Stewart S47
Michael Brown S52
Tim McAvaney S75