Presentation Dinner.

A great night was had by 80 plus Drivers, Crews, sponsors, family and freinds, 

A hudge thanks must go the all the sponsors that came on board this season to make the series one of the best, To all the tracks that held a round of the Super Series we thank you and look forward to returning to most tracks this up coming season. To the drivers and crews, congratulations on all your hard work, and we hope it was all worthit. 


Best turned out car and crew.. Sponsored by Savage Shots. Awarded for the best turned out car and crew over the season, an independent person or persons to vote on a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd at the end of the season points to be totled to determine the winner.      WINNER  S. 36. RYAN ALEXANDER.

A special award this year went to a long time driver for his commiment to speedway racing. Congratulations to Robby Marchant for 50 years in speedway.

Mechanic of the year.  Sponsored By Joe Curyer,This years award goes to the person that the committee belives has put in the extra effort to make sure the car or cars he/she works on, not only on the night, but also during the week to make sure cars performs well and is reliable. for all his hard work on cars, S36, S47, S55 and even S 36 in amca nationals the  WINNER IS RODNEY LAWRENCE.

Rookie of the year.  Sponsored by Miller Instalations. This years award went to a driver that came on board part way buring the season, this driver came for black rock racing after, and impoved meeting after meeting and afetr finashing 6th in the Super Series, is a well worthley winner of this award. WINNER S 93 KYM JURY.

Most Improved Driver.   Sponsored by ACME RemovalsThis driver may of been a later starter this season, but in the view of the committee put in the extra efort to take out this award for seaso 2015-2016. WINNER S 87 ROBBY MARCHANT.

Speedway S.A. Highest point scorer.   This award is for the Driver that gains points from all S.A. affiliated tracks over the season, all points from heats and features are totled at the end of the season to determine the winner. Congrateulations go to. WINNER S 47 MICHAEL MILLER.

Club Member of the Year.   Sponsored by Bob Jane T-Marts Modbury. This award goes the the person or person who the committee belives has gone the extra mile for their commitment to Super Sedans S.A. This year the committee had a hard time deciding a winner with so many members putting in to the club. This years winners went that extra mile plus some. WINNERS ANGIE & MICHAEL MILLER.

Presidents Award. Spnsored by Blair Athol Auto Parts. Selected by the president to a person who warrents recognition for their commitment to Super Sedans S.A. WINNER MICHAEL MILLER.

 Best and Fairest Driver. Sponsored by J.D. Couriers. Chief steward to select drivers at each race meeting. Assesment should include performance on the track where driver races hard but fair, and is not cautioned by the steward, attitude of the track towards other competitors and also the promotion of Super Sedans S.A. Points to be totaled at the end of the season to determine the winner. 


DRIVERS DRIVER AWARD.  Sponsored by Blenks AutomotiveThis award goes to the Driver that his/her fellow driver has the most respect for as a felloe driver. all drivers to be polled at the end of the season, points totaled to determine the winner.  S. 36 RYAN ALEXANDER.