SA State Series Round 4 at Murray Bridge

Last weekend we saw 10 drivers head to Murray Bridge Speedway for Round 4 of the SA State Series.

Dave Gartner S8 attended the meeting and had a 1st and a 3rd which saw him put the S8 of pole, with some competition from the S36 car, Dave managed to hold the lead and take out the feature. Steve Stewart S47 returned to a track where he has done multiple laps over the years & Wayne Vickers S46 was also attending but has had car issues in previous meetings, he managed to get in 2 heats but did not make the feature. Michelle Dillon S75, Paul Blenkiron S22 and Barry Perrett S32 were all back to contest round 4. Paul Blenkiron S22 had some car issues with the throttle getting stuck in one of his heats, once back in the pits, the car was fixed but then stumbled onto other issues and Paul was unable to start the feature. Barry Perrett S32 and Michelle Dillon S75 along with Anthony East S17 were all having their own battle at the rear of the pack.

It was great to see the return of Russell Worthley driving the blue and white S9 super.  Mr Luke Dodding S89 who has won all 3 SA State Series features this season was back to see if he can make it 4 for 4 but had a rough handling car in the feature but still managed to finished 5th. By the looks of it young Ryan Alexander has taken over the driver’s seat of the S36 super sedan and in both heats finishing in the top 3, Ryan found himself off the front row sitting next to Dave Gartner S8 for the feature, Ryan Alexander S36 and Dave Gartner S8 were having a great battle for 1st and 2nd when eventually Ryan Alexander S36 pass’s Dave Gartner S8 taking the lead with only a few laps to go.  Unfortunately it was shorted lived as the s36 had the ignition box fail and he finished the race on the infield.

Our lucky last driver is young Kaleb Perrett S23. Kalebs has received some great results on the VSSS and also managed to win his first heat race and also put the S23 off pole at last week’s meeting at Speedway City.  Kaleb started off 5th in feature and managed the car up to 3rd after battling it out with Russell Worthley S9 and for his 1st time in his super sedan and in his 1st season of racing managed to put it on the podium with taking out 2nd place.

Our next meeting will be at Westline Speedway Whyalla for the last round of the SA State Series with a total of 6 cars nominated (possibly 8).

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